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WWW.OFFICE.COM/SETUP HOME STUDENT 2019 – Install or reinstall Office Home and Student 2019

Office Home & Student 2019 comes with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Find the method to install or reinstall home student 2019 using a 25 unique digits key. To download and install the Microsoft Office setup on your computer, you should have the Office product key. The product key is adequate to activate Office 2019 products via home student 2019 and learn how to complete setup steps for the Office products for Home and Student. The Office Home and student subscription is a one-time purchase that one can install on 1 PC or Mac, as well as its available for Windows 10.

You’ll learn the steps to set up and activate home student 2019 on Windows and Mac on this page. Therefore, let’s get started.


Steps to Redeem and Activate Office Home Student 2019 Product Key

office setup home student 2019

office setup home student 2019

The Office product key is the unique string of 25 alphanumeric characters that is always different for each subscription for home student 2019 or other Office products either. Get the copy of the keycode from Microsoft Store or get a retail card for Office home and student 2019, then find the product code and follow the given steps;

  1. To redeem a new purchase, locate the Office 2019 activation code from the retail card’s backside or see order confirmation mail.
  2. Now, open the home student 2019 link and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Without using hyphens, enter your Office home and student 2019 product key and submit.
  4. You can install Office apps on your computer now and enter the same activation code if prompt.
  5. Complete the process to redeem and activate key through home student 2019.


How to install Office home and student 2019 on a new computer?

Uninstall home student 2019 from your device if you have installed the free or trial version. Now, follow the mentioned steps to install Office home student 2019 –

Step 1: To start with, visit home student 2019

Step 2: Click “Sign In” and enter Microsoft account credentials to log in here.

Step 3: From the home page, choose Install Office 2019 and click on the apps.

Step 4: Begin downloading the file for home student 2019 installation.

Step 5: Now, choose options to run Office home student 2019 installer.

Step 6: Double-click on the Office icon to initiate the installation with home student 2019 and follow the screen prompts to finish the process.



System Requirements for Office 2019 – home student 2019

Operating system – Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Previous windows version.

Three most recent versions of macOS.

Processor – Intel 2-core 1.6 GHz or faster processor

Memory – 4 GB RAM maximum 

Hard disk – 4 GB for Windows and 10 GB for macOS


Download and Install Office Home Student 2019 for Windows 10  

Office 2019 products are supported on Windows 10, where you’ll receive a complete setup combination of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from home student 2019. If you have the Office product key, then check below steps to install Office Home Student 2019 for Windows 10 –

  1. These steps are for the first-time users of Office Home and Student 2019 subscription.
  2. Therefore, go to home student 2019 using the browser search address bar.
  3. Type or paste the Office 2019 product key code. Note – to find the product activation code, check Microsoft car’s backside, or see the email inbox, otherwise check your Office account order history.
  4. Sign in with your registered MS Office account and see the home and student 2019 product.
  5. Choose an option to install home student 2019 and begin the Office 2019 download on window 10.
  6. Check your Downloads on the browser and run the installer naming with “setup.exe” on Windows 10.
  7. Installation with home student 2019 on Windows 10 will ask to make changes to your device, click YES, and wait for the complete installation.


Step by Step Home Student 2019 Installation for Mac



Ensure you have most three recent macOS version with adequate installation storage, then follow the below steps;

  1. Open home student 2019 link.
  2. You can also visit the “” site for a different setup.
  3. Jump to the home page and login with an MS office account.
  4. Choose the option to Install Office home student 2019 on macOS.
  5. Begin download of home student 2019.
  6. Double-click Office 2019 installer.pkg installer file, hit Continue.
  7. Accept the software license agreement and enter your Mac login password.
  8. Click “Install Software” to continue with home student 2019.
  9. After Office Home Student 2019 installation, Control+click on the Office app and click Get started.


Essential Points to Remember – home student 2019 is easy to install on any Windows computer and Mac device; however, there are some crucial points to note such as;

  • Ensure you have a Microsoft account that you can use to download Office home and student 2019.
  • In case you trouble with the app or find an error, reinstall home student 2019 .
  • The Office product key is mandatory to proceed with activation, installation, or renewal.
  • Open URL to download Office Home & student 2019 or even Microsoft 365.
  • Always remember the email address and password associated with Office 2019 for further use.
  • Uninstall the Office setup before you go for reinstallation with home student 2019.


Are you encountering issues? If yes, then try a reinstallation of home student 2019. Make sure you’re using a paid subscription, otherwise delete the previous version and install home student 2019. In case you still face trouble, ask the community or contact Microsoft support.